A students’ union in Norway is under fire for holding a theme party in which bartenders dressed as SS soldiers and served drinks with names such as 'Blitzkrieg.'

Thousands of nationalists marched through Warsaw at the country's Independence Day celebrations.

Hundreds of white nationalists carried a Confederate flag and chanted for closed borders and deportations rallied at the first of two White Lives Matter rallies in Middle Tennessee.

In one of the largest, if not the largest, National Socialist demonstration in Europe since WW2, 20,000 nationalist marched through the streets of Ukraine’s capital Kiev. 

White nationalists, including alt-right leader Richard Spencer, assembled once again at the foot of Charlottesville’s Robert E. Lee statue.

More than 30 people were arrested as anti-fascists clashed with police during a march by the National Socialist Nordic Resistance Movement (NMR) in the Swedish city of Gothenburg.

The nordic National Socialist group Nordic Resistance Movement paraded through the streets of Sweden’s second-largest city.

National Socialists marched in the streets of Berlin as antifascist counterprotesters assembled to meet them.

Nordic Youth launched a demonstration against hundreds of Afghani men who are camping out in front of parliament, protesting for their right to stay in Sweden and not get deported.

The wanted posters appeared ahead of a National Socialist march to mark the anniversary of the murder of Rudolf Hess.

The C-Star - a ship run by the anti-invasion “Defend Europe” organization has arrived off the Libyan coast for the first of its anti-human smuggling operations.

Nordic Youth had a successful counter-demonstration against Sweden’s Pride March. For those of you that don’t know, Sweden is ruled by an unholy homo/cat-lady/SWPL mafia. Nordic Youth likes to remind them that there are still Swedes who resist.

The tiny German town of Themar saw 6,000 people flock to what is said to be the country’s largest National Socialist rock festival: “Rock against Foreign Domination.”

A new nationalist alliance called “Force and Determination” was formed in Hungary over the weekend. They held an inaugural rally protesting the third world invasion of Europe.


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